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sell a short story

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OK, I'm going to work on this

My mini-goal is to submit three stories before my birthday in August. I just need to polish them up and get them out there. It’s ridiculous to let them languish in their folders.

OK, why is this not happening?

Do I need a reminder or something? I’ve stayed late at work almost everyday, and should have pulled out the draft and looked at it at least. All right, that does it. I’m setting myself a reminder to look at it.

I wish I could date the reminders instead of doing “in a couple of days.” Oh well.

Sell a short story

I have several short science fiction/fantasy stories hanging around my computer. I would like to get over the fear of submission, and actually submit them - and then get at least one sold. Before I turn 45. (That gives me five years - but actually, I’d like to sell one before my next birthday. Which gives me 363 days from today.)

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