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I’ve wanted to join the Peace Corps ever since I was a little kid. Now, I’m nearly done with my degree, and I’m thinking seriously about applying. I’ve spent the last 4 years working full time (and slowing down my degree considerably!), and so I haven’t been able to do the stuff I would have liked if I was a full time student – ie spent free time volunteering, and building a nice application. So, I don’t know… my degree isn’t going to help me much, but once I graduate I plan on taking some ESL certification classes through NU which are offered at their campus near my office. And tomorrow I’m going to a Peace Corps recruiting meeting, where hopefully I can find out what else I can do to increase my chances of acceptence – ie where/with whom I can volunteer over the next year or so to give me relevant experience. I wish I’d been volunteering and such all along, but it’s taken me so long to finish this degree that my gradutaion just sneaked up on me.


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