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More of a Relief

I found out this morning that the place at which I was trying to get a job has officially replaced me. I feel more relieved than upset, much more relieved. I knew I would have been as unhappy as ever working there. Anyways, I’ll keep looking.

Simple Job, Nothing Special

I just want a basic part-time job that will last me from the summer through my first year of college, preferably one that I am at least a little happy with. I might end up getting a job at a well-known grocery store, whose name I have purposely left blank, but the entire process of getting one there has left me feeling fed up. It has not been as simple as I thought it would be. I have had to call many times to even ask to set up a date and time for pre-orientation, and now, they are telling me that there are no open positions (they have serious communication problems among themselves, apparently), even though I have been communicating with them for the past month-and-a-half, maybe longer. I would simply stop now and look for another job elsewhere, but my family has me feeling like I’m in too deep and that it would be counterproductive to do that now. Though I am very close to having a job there, I know by now that I would be extremely unhappy while there.

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