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This goal has been on my list for a long time now. I’ve yo-yo’d between a few gyms in my area and haven’t really gotten into a groove. Right now I’ve been doing the Blogilates Beginner’s calendar and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. The videos are online so I can’t make the excuse about not having time especially since I can find 30 minutes somewhere in my day. I’m hoping to supplement it with bike riding once I can actually ride. I’ve been doing the calendar since the first and I already feel stronger and better. I’ve been logging my food diary on MyFitnessPal and it’s been good in encouraging me to workout more or make smarter choices.

Doing well

My chest is a lot stronger after doing push ups every gym day. I already feel the benefits of doing predominately strength training. I’m also using the app Fitocracy which gives you points per exercise in the interest of leveling up. I enjoy seeing those numbers go up and it’s keeping me on track. It also tracks my exercises and lets me know when I’ve beaten a previous record. (Free by the way).

I picked up my first reward yesterday – there were no magazines I was into besides my usual read so I chose some lipsticks a friend had been raving about. So fun and bright!

Friday was supposed to be my workout day but things got postponed and we went Saturday instead. I am enjoying having my boyfriend with me so we are keeping each other accountable. He is also getting a feel for whether he’d like to pursue a PT qualification. I think he’d be great at it.

Only 7 workouts to go until I’m halfway to my new handbag! :)

On to a winner

Things are looking and feeling good. I’m a little sore today having worked my chest and back the past two days but today is rest day. I slept in and I’m heading for a cruisy work shift in a few hours. To date I have logged 6 workouts.

I have one more workout to go until I get a reward on my sticker chart -yay! I’ve also put my reward for 30 workouts (a new handbag) on lay-by but I might have to get my boyfriend to hold onto it for me if the lay-by term ends before I do the workouts. :-p

Pretty good start :)

Having my boyfriend on hand has really been great especially since we’re at his old gym and I’ve never been there before. It’s a no frills 24 hr gym (suits us!) but I don’t know where anything is and it’s super crowded with machines.

We’ve devised a program for me which so far I’m really happy with. I’m also a lot stronger than I was previously so it’s nice to up the weights. He’s been really great – counting out my last sets so I know how many left to go and just generally being supportive. I think he’s realised how much support I need when I’m doing something new and that level of support just wasn’t there at CrossFit.

Anyway I’ve done two workouts already – yesterday and today. I’ve only got five workouts left to complete before I get my first reward ~ a girly magazine I don’t normally buy. I’m excited about this sticker chart and eventually I’ll just need a monthly reward and then hopefully no rewards.

I feel better already.


Gym joined and I’ve made my little sticker reward chart. I have a feeling it will be the incentive I need especially since it’s by the number of workouts rather number of consecutive days.

Back into it (again)

My boyfriend and I are joining a local gym preparing for our move in September which would make going to CrossFit impossible. I’m working on a plan of sorts and this time I’m going to use material rewards to see if that boosts my success rate.


I have really fallen off the bandwagon this time. I know that this past week I have felt dead tired constantly. I am taking this week off everything bar the essentials to recharge after uni. There’s no sense charging head long into what will be a stressful academic year with an exhausted body. I also really miss pilates/yoga/bodybalance for keeping my mind focused but I haven’t found any classes that fit in with work, uni and CrossFit. Blergh.

One of those things

Getting in shape is one of those things that can get away from you if you don’t keep at it. One minute you’re doing great and the next minute you haven’t done any exercise in two weeks. Oops.

My sternum injury from last year keeps rearing its ugly head during training. Maybe I’m not strong enough or just overdoing it but either way it’s a pain in the butt. I also need to get my eating habits under control. My appetite is all over the place especially right now since it’s hot and the very idea of eating makes me gag.

How about you? How are you going?

More Cross Fit

I’ve been 4/5 times this week which I’m very happy about.
Good job self.

Cross Fit

I completed my foundation courses and did my very first WOD (Workout of the Day) today. I worked hard and came away feeling better than I had after any gym class. Super excited to go back tomorrow morning!

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