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It's been a long time!

So it’s been more than a month since I last wrote. I haven’t written partly because I’ve been wicked busy, and partly because I’ve been embarrassed that things haven’t changed much… until the last week. =) I realized I needed to cope with some issues I have with food. I grew up with my mom telling me she was fat and not eating and exercising way too much. She gave me a really effed up mentality. So I used to eat too little and when no one was around binge eat and then punish myself by exercising too much. Well a few weeks ago something clicked in me and I decided it was time to change it. So I had my first counseling session last Thursday and I loved it. I already feel myself changing. It’s going to be a long journey to not obsessing about either not eating or eating… but I’m optimistic.

I ate pizza last night for the first time in God knows how long. I allowed myself. I felt guilty, but the fact that I did it says something. I didn’t fast today and althought I went to the gym, I didn’t overdo it. Hooray!!!

Oh and weight-wise I was embarrassed that I haven’t lossed any weight in about 2 months. I actually gained back about 3 pounds. But I’ve been working out five days a week and I can see my body changing. And today we fixed my scale and found out it was five pound too high! So I actually have lost about 2 pounds. Not a lot but really exciting. Also.. this got me really excited.. we found out my scale reads body fat and muscle percentage and mine was really good!

weight: 138.8 (I wanted to be 130 by July 4th, but I’m truly happy with my progress!)
body fat: 21% (healthy range for most women is between 20-30!!)
muscle percentage: 41%
weight lost since March 5: 13.2 pounds

Get excited! =D

Day 1 of Phase 2!

So my celebration week for getting through freshman year is over!Final grades are back and I got an A in newswriting, A+ in History of Women, B+ in Spanish, and A+ in honors statistics! What a relief!!! But now it’s back to eating well and working out. No excuses.

I weighed myself on the 2 scales in my house and 1 said 143 and the other said 140, so I'm just going with 143 (so best case scenario: I lose 3 extra pounds!) and I'll stick with that one.

I woke up and did a bunch of sit ups.

B: fruit and fiber smoothie (strawberries, 1/2 banana, low cal yogurt, crystal light, 1/2 cup fiber one, ice) about 180 calories

Then laid out by the pool for a while (was going to go swimming but it was chilly!) came back inside, danced to music for like 45 minutes, did more sit ups, push ups, and lunges.

Snack: Coffee/ handful of Go Lean Crunch (120 calories)

L: I made a chocolate soy/ fiber shake… my own recipe. It was yummy! I used 1 60 calorie chocolate pudding, a cup of milk, 2 cups ice, a cup of water, 1 sweet n’ low, 1 scoop vanilla soy powder, and 1/2 cup fiber one cereal. About 250 calories.

I’m kind of smoothie happy because I have access to kitchen appliances for the first time in months! it’s awesome. I want to try tons of recipes and stuff!

That’s where I’m at! =)550… but I’m sure I underestimated something in there or forgot something I ate, so I’ll say I’m at 700 for good measure.

SW (3/5/08): 152
CW (5/12/08): 143
WL : 9 pounds
GW1 (7/4/08) : 130
GW2 (8/20/08 : 125

If I don’t reach goal 1, I’m not going to be that upset. I know I’m doing everything I can and I can’t help if it’s out of my reach. But a girl can dream.

Hope everyone’s kickin butt and looking amazing in those bathing suits!!

This week has been a whirlwind!

Monday: Finals
Tuesday: Finals/Moving out
Wednesday:Moving out, driving home
Thursday: River all day
Friday: Visiting old friends/ bowling till 2 am
Saturday: Woke up at 5 to go visit my grandma 6 hours away who had emergency heart surgery
Sunday: Drove back 6 hours and finally can relax.

This week has been crazy… I haven’t worked out once or paid much attention to my eating. It’s been pretty sporatic. Between eating nothing in my empty dorm, being taken out by friends and family several times and eating bad, and forgetting to eat because I’m so busy, my body must be really confused. But tomorrow starts a new week, and I’m back to eating healthy. I went a full 2 months without any major slip ups and this was a really off week. I’ve forgiven myself. I’ll start fresh tomorrow for a new 2 months! 10 pounds off…10 more to go to my first goal.

I’m feeling really good. When I saw my old friends for the first time in a few months, they commented on how good I looked, and I feel so much more healthy! My Lupus is calming down, my skin is clearing up, and I feel so much stronger.

This is DEFINITELY a lifestyle change.=)

ahhh first day back home!

I spent it out at the river on a boat… “tubing…” I don’t know if everyone knows what that is so I’ll explain. You pretty much hang out to a big round floating circle with little handles while the person driving the boat drags you by a rope and tries to throw you off. SUCH a good work out for arms!!! I’m going to hurt tomorrow. I ate horribly though (which is weird because I was in a bathing suit so you think I’d be self-conscious.) I ate an apple for breakfast, a bean burrito and piece of fried chicken for lunch, fruit and veggies for a snack and pizza for dinner (I just came home so everyone is cooking for me and taking me out to dinner… it’s sweet but I REALLY don’t need it.) Being in the sun all day makes you really hungry and tired, so I ate a lot! and of course all that was out there was bad stuff. I don’t feel all that bad about it… it’s still my finals celebration weak. I’ll get back on track soon. And I didn’t feel all that insecure in a bathing suit. I mean I’m no heidi klum, but it wasn’t all that bad. I’m seeing results. That feels nice. I weighed myself on my scale at home today and it said 142. So that’s what I’m starting at. Still going to try to get to 130 by July 4, even though I feel it may be too ambitious with my current never-ending plateau. Alright, I’m going to bed. I’m soooo tired and I have another long fun filled day tomorrow!

Last day of school

ate horribly for the first time since March. It was a celebration! I’m over it. I’ll get back on track when I go home tomorrow and have gym access. bleh. I feel gross though!!! Italian food and sweets! yuck!

go go go

had to wake up super early this morning for my first final! Kicked butt! =) Weighed myself this morning even though my scale’s a liar. So it was pointless. So far today…

b: orange and coffee (100 cal)
b2: cheerios (120 cal)
1 big glass of water.

Just woke up from a nap and I think I’m going to ride my bike to subway. There’s NOTHING left in my room to eat. haha. Then… voy a estudiar por mi examen final de espanol!!! (I’m going to study for my final exam of spanish.) It’s at 6:40 tonight. Long day ahead of me.

Good luck everyone.

ewww finals!

I’ve been so stressed out with finals that I’ve been munching like crazy. And I don’t think the scale in our room is working right… so I’m just going to wait till I go home and start fresh on my scale at home. I can’t wait to get home where the refridgerator isn’t 2 FEET from my bed! AHH! 2 finals tomorrow, 1 Tuesday, going home Wednesday! YAY! I’m going to try to not be so hard on myself. Tomorrow is my 2 month mark on my diet, and I’ve lost at LEAST ten pounds (even with my bipolar scale jumping around every day.)That’s something to be really proud of I think. I have 2 months to reach my goal of 130. I’m starting to think it’s a stretch, but I’ll keep on keepin on and hope for the best. Back to studying!

after my lovely diet yesterday...

...of funfetti cake and P.F. Chang’s…

I lost weight? What is going on!?

I ate healthy for a month straight with no weightloss and the last couple days I’ve been slipping up and have lost 7 pounds!!!

M: 142.5

That’s insanity!!!! I’m not gonna question it, but I’m really scared it’s just a fluke and I’m going to gain it all back. ahhhhh! It does feel nice though.

So far today I’ve eaten:

breakfast: fiber cereal—150 calories
green tea—0 calories
lunch: a few chips and salsa: 100 calories
an apple: 50 calories

I’m going to take a shower and probably eat something else for lunch.

Maybe I’ve found a new miracle diet? The funfetti diet? haha. I don’t know!

hope everyone’s doing well.

SW (3/5/08): 152
CW (5/2/08): 137
WL : 15!!!
GW (7/4/08): 130 or less


so my food intake today consisted of funfetti cake, more funfetti cake, and p.f. changs.

that’s how i reward myself for my lowest weight yet.

I’m really upset with myself. I’m back on track tomorrow though.

and I worked out twice today.

I didn’t eat a lot today… just BAD! I’m trying really hard to lower or stop my intake of high fructose corn syrup and it’s in EVERYTHING! it’s so hard. My favorite low cal yogurt has it, and that funfetti cake DEFINITELY had it. It makes you crave sugar. It’s EVIL!

Well tomorrow will be better… if I don’t cry when I see the scale. Ugh. Not looking forward to weigh in.

I’ll let ya know….

I'm thoroughly confused.

I’ve finally been losing again the last couple days (overcoming my 142-144 plateau.) I woke up yesterday at 139.5. I snacked throughout the day,went to the gym for an hour, and didn’t eat any meals (which has proven to be the best way for me) but then around dinner time my roommates decided to make funfetti cake (my favorite!) and I of course ate some. So that, along with a few chips and salsa, were my dinner. Well theeen we went to Denny’s at 10 p.m., (crazy college kids!) and everyone got suuuuch good food: chicken fingers, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, pancakes, etc.

I got a bowl of fruit. Everyone kind of made me feel weird about it so I told them I ate too much frosting and I was feeling sick.

So I know it’s not good to not eat good when I eat bad. But I can’t bring myself to add more calories just to get the good stuff in. I know that’s bad for my health.

I was thinking I would wake up back at 142… but today I was 138! The lowest I’ve been since probably jr. high. But I wasn’t even excited about it… it feels like I have no control over my weight and my body just does what it wants to.

Today I ate half of a light yogurt for breakfast, and i just had more cake. I feel disgusting. I feel like I’m no better than when I started.

I should be so excited… I’ve lost 14 pounds since March 5! But I’m not because I feel like when I’m my healthiest I don’t lose and when I eat bad stuff or not enough I lose it. It doesn’t seem right. I want to lose this the healthy way.

does anyone have any insight on this? Have you guys felt this way at all?

Good luck everyone!


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