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Use less chemicals in cleaning


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Too many synthetics

For a long time I used natural cleaning product. Over recent years my standards have changed and I now reflect and find I’m using too many chemicals, too many perfumes, just too much.

I never used to use air freshners, I’d open the window, or put bicarb on the carpet. Now I use sprays, foaming things, sudsy things, smelly things. Don’t get me wrong the house smells peachy and I might never have reflected but for one event.

My daughter has been potty training with all the unavoidable accidents. I’ve been cleaning the carpet with 1001 and then to make absolutely sure I’ve been spraying it with spray and leve 1001, which is highly perfumed. Around the same time I started using a plug in air freshner. I did that because I liked the smell in another house. My daughter, who up till now has had perfect skin is now breaking out into topical eczema. It could be due to stress, the whole house has been on a roller coaster with moving/not moving and I’m sure she’ll have felt it despite her short years, but it could also be triggered by the perfume/chemicals I’ve been using.

I can’t remove the stress of moving/not moving but I can stop using the smellies. I wonder if it will work.


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