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Design and build my own house

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"The Wood"

Here is a wooden porch which received an award in 2005. One of the most beautiful relations between the house and the garden is a porch; it is half belonged to house and half belonged to garden which makes both more liveable. The wood is a dead tree but i accept it as living, because it is not growing anymore or giving out leaves but breathes. Wood never makes you sick, you can lie, sleep, “live” on it.

photo: nic lehoux

Modern continues...

Here is a good-looking another house from the idea of modern, i know some of you think that “it looks nice but what a about functionality?” I just can say, your home should be the harmony of function and the form beacuse that’s better. It is something like fashion, every dress is not comfortable but bathrobe is than anything else(sometimes nudity of course) than why don’t we wear bathrobe everywhere, that is why we should.

Just help...

As i can see “Marsden” has some bad experiences over the “design house” thing, I do not support the idea of marketing on 43things so i do not support the entry of “superhome” but this is a free platform so i am not against it at the same time.
There is a point, i should oppose, even you are so busy you can find time to do something extra, i have been sleeping around 5 hours for 10 years and working in multi-national platform, but i can have the time for anything that i want, because i always make a list of priorities.
The “design and build my own house” thing is a utopia, because many of us have frustrated of the houses we bought or live in. I should recommend all to get an expert’s idea but some of us are talented and deal the whole subject by themselves at a border. This is the idea behind the subject. I have some friends, even my mom designed and built her own home, they were not in the city, usually country or mountain cottages, houses but it could be done, beleive me.
I am not here for professinonal help, but can advice anyone on plans, materials and application.

Look at the picture, this man didn’t take any advices.

Switch to Modern

As an architect, style “modern” has an important role on my asthetic thoughts. One of the “musts” in my designs is transparency over the vista facade. This brings light and outdoor in to your life, but you should be careful with solutions as it is takes your life to outdoor in the same way.


I am able to do this but it is a matter of...

I am an architect, teaching and working for nearly 10 years. I have several national awards and some international ones at architectural competitions. I am able to do it but it is a matter of time and money for me right now, but i can consult and share little tricks with you, if you want to do it on your own. I am serious and generous.

picture: Graphisoft international competition project that brought us the second prize among 120 entries.

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