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Have one of my pictures published

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Interest for a book!

I was contacted today through flickr by a woman working on a book about sites in Seattle and wants to use one of my photos!

This would be so cool. And, I could cross this goal off. :)
Plus, I get a copy of the book. And, credit, of course.

They're using my picture! :D

Schmap (an online travel guide) decided to include my picture as one of the pictures for the Waterfall Gardens in Seattle, WA.

I still want one to be physically published, but this is cool, too.,-122.65549&bottomright=46.79724,-121.8837&i=39128_12.jpg

Some interest....

So, I got a message on Flickr about one of my photos. :)
My photo has been short-listed for a Travel Resource: Schmap… it’s a digital resource. Specifically, my picture relates to Seattle.

Not sure if they’re going to use it yet, though.

And, while this is cool, I still want it to be printed somewhere.
(also, the picture is not really one of my favorites :P )

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