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Celebrating discardia again, and so I’ve been ruthless with my wardrobe this season. Everything that’s left is something I can and will wear. Why have I been holding on to 3 bags of things that make me feel like a frump? Be gone, dowdiness!

Discardia season again!

From today until 17th October. I had already made a start last weekend without realising the time was upon us again – be gone, clutter!

Another day off

Spring has sprung and the whole house has been cleaned! Bags have been dropped at the charity shop, rubbish has been recycled and flung and pictures that had no frames are now on the walls. I’ve been leaving all the internal doors in the house open so I can admire my hard work as I pass. Ahh…that feels better!

Day off

It took all day yesterday, but I finally got cracking on the small moutain of stuff to leave the house (to charity/ebay/amazon) and have sorted out a big pile o’ things to donate. Apparently charity shops desperately need new stock as people are making do and keeping hold in our current climate.
I have a much smaller pile of things to sell online – which shall be listed within a week.


This goal is made so much easier by having a new WORKING shredder! I got a beast of a shredder with some loyalty card points gained through my gas and electric supplier. It came out of the wrapping and 10 minutes later a huge pile of papers had been decimated! It’s given me a push to clear the dining room and ebay a nice coat I’ve had forever that’s far too big for me. hurray!

so much stuff...

My friend is moving to Australia and her discarding has really inspired me. There are many things I need to sell and I’m starting to list 5 cds a day on Amazon, or give them to the charity shop. I took 3 boxes to stuff to the charity shop on Saturday morning (which they were happy to have, makes a nice change since some make it seem like a huge imposition). There are things to ebay as well, but it’s more than I can face at the moment, that place is such hard work.

That was great!

I have less stuff now, the house is a lot easier to live in, all in all, my life is better than it was this time last year.
I may be returning to this some time in the future, but for now I feel that I’ve done what I can.

Thanks for the team spirit!

So much

Even after doing this for what seems like forever, there is still more to do! After having had carpet laid, we have moved all our upstairs stuff to the dining room (aka storage – agh!). I’m reluctant to move all that stuff back up here, so I think another pass at getting rid of some of this is worth it. I am also coming to the realisation that we REALLY need a shed for all the gardening and DIY detritus. It never ends!


I have a player with far too many songs on. I love my music, but there is stuff on there I never listen to. Last Tuesday I started going through the huge playlist alphabetically, taking a letter a day and throwing out anything either me or my husband were not crazy about. It was all going well until last night and I dropped the player in the (clean, thank goodness) toilet. ARGH and haha! So off it went to the water heater cupboard, the battery taken out (when I remembered about a hour later) with a towel. Today I went by a shoe shop and asked them for some silica gel sachets and put the player and the sachets in a ziploc bag. Fingers crossed, because there is some awesome music on there!
Discardia will continue after this interrupion!

Edit – it totally worked, and even better – the pause button works again. Unexpected bonus!

Took long enough...

but all the stuff that didn’t sell at the car boot sale went to the cat shelter charity shop. Good stuff, too, but not for me any more. The house is looking a bit more welcoming bit by bit as I reclaim space from STUFF!

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