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tigerh in Manchester is doing 9 things including…

Go on an anti-candida diet

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The hard bit is sticking to this through major celebrations and holidays. There seems to be a sense of entitlement when it comes to carbs and sugar in our society. The trick is to realise that cake does not equal a reward when it makes you feel like crud (and I haven’t quite mastered this particular trick).


I resisted the tray of homemade brownies today at work and I have been taking oregano oil every day. I feel like I’m doing well this week!

Back on the wagon....

again! Must try harder!


I have been back on the wagon pretty much for 3 weeks now! Except for one dinner party at a friend’s house (where I had half a serving of pudding and a single slice of bread with the meal), I haven’t even cheated on weekends. Let me tell you, it gets a whole lot easier after the first weekend of sticking with it – no bad treats just because it’s Friday night and I made it through another week haha! Right now, I’m not even craving naughty type foods.

The longer I’m sticking with it, the better – my head is a lot clearer (no brain fog) and I was asked if I had used fake tan as I looked “radiant” (and I really haven’t!). I have a Bank Holiday weekend barbeque with all kinds of sweet goodies to attend, but I hope to stick with this. I am SO over feeling like a nervous, miserable wreck on Mondays (and into Tuesday) just for want of a little will power.

It has also helped that when I wanted lasagne and tuna pasta, I was creavive and made ‘pretend’ versions with veggies instead of the pasta (courgette works really well for this as I believe spaghetti sqash does). They were completely nom-nom worthy, even the husband said so!

I haven’t even started on the anti-fungals yet, but that may or may not happen. It’s enough to be feeling clearheaded and happy!


I’ve not been terribly good with this since Easter. A couple (or more) false starts to get back on the diet for a few days and then back on the carbs again. So, I’ve decided that May will be a strict diet month. One serving of carbs on the weekend if I am really craving, but that’s all. I have a wedding to go to at the end of June and I want to be really well and to look fabulous for that. Vanity’s a fantastic motivator!


Well I WAS doing well with this. I’ve been off for a week, DIYing and going to gigs a-plenty, and fallen victim to 3 days of post-gig munchies involving bread, hot cross buns and chocolate. Really, I’ve been dreadful. The positive thing is that I haven’t felt as cruddy as I thought, so my work so far must be paying off. Obviously, it might have repercussions into next week which would be rubbish, but for now, I am getting back on the wagon.

Also, my computer chair broke (must be the hot cross buns – oops), so I’ve not been on here to confess, thereby happily pretending that if it’s not written down on the interweb, it didn’t happen.

Maybe just one more bun… (slaps own hand) NO!


There is something I am eating that’s not agreeing with me. I suspect it might be the yogurt which I have been using as my staple snack and crutch for the last few weeks. It’s so frustrating!

Also, I had a miserable day yesterday and my head was all messed up (just like this – Xo( ). I got home and pigged out on meat, many eggs with soy sauce and had a bag of crisps and 4 small falafel and felt thoroughly sick when I’d finished! My best mate rang in the middle of this and I said, “you do the talking, I’m mid-bad-mood-binge” haha! Of course, he really took the mick.

I think this kind of thing was the end of my first diet attempt, but I’m just going to get on with it and try to adapt for the next week or so without my beloved yogurt and try to find something to replace it. (I tried a decidedly bland soya and whey shake this morning, no fear of getting hooked on that). I know I keep saying it, but I really have to avoid the xylitol, too. I know it’s doing me no good so I might get my husband to hide it along with the cocoa.

It’s so easy at times like this to think, “why me? It’s not fair!”. It’s easy, so that’s exactly what I am thinking. There. I’ll be back when I’m in a better frame of mind (i.e. about 3 or 4 years boo hoo)

Edit – I’m in a better frame of mind now, I did a load of diy today and had a fish and chip dinner and I DON’T EVEN CARE! I’ll be good again Monday, I’m sure.

Still here...

I have been doing pretty good on the strict diet month so far, but I’m finding it harder to do without treats. Not treats in the old meaning of the word (bread, cake, jam), but things I have made into treats this year (hummus, falafel, any carbs). I had 3 lots of xylitol laced drink this week instead. Not the worst thing I could have, but I know it’s not doing be any good when I’m supposed to be sticking to the full-on diet! It’s interesting seeing how my body reacts to food I thought was ‘harmless’, but actually makes me bloat and feel groggy.

I am jonesing for a white baguette and butter like you wouldn’t believe but a vanilla shake (xylitol again) took the edge off that. I know it’s not perfect, but at least I didn’t give in and binge and ruin all my work so far.

I can do it, but I don’t know for how long. Certainly a month being reasonably strict, but not for much longer – I don’t know if I can forward plan and be so organised for months at a time!

Crunch time...

I have designated March ‘strict diet month’. No carbs, no xylitol (it was becoming a bit of a habit), no beer, no hummous. I knew it was coming up, so I had fish and chips the other day and my xylitol laced hot soy milk for the past few nights. Interestingly, I don’t feel quite as raring-to-go as I have before, but I feel about as good as I used to on my previous (lax by comparison) diet. It just goes to show how much knowledge has moved on and how much the new diet is helping, anyway I’d much rather be having an occasional glass of champagne and still feel great next day than have chips and not feel quite so marvellous (though in 3 weeks I may disagree when I have a major carb jones!).

I’m only missing one thing until Saturday – a non-yeast selenium supplement, but I’m all stocked up with inulin and undenatured whey. As far as I’m concerned, the best inventions ever! No die-off, which is MUCH nicer than last time. hurray!

Edit – I did say a GLASS of champagne, unlike the bottle I had on Saturday. Flippin’ heck. Still not quite back to normal, but I will consider that lesson well and truly learned. hangs head in shame Oh well, I’m still doing the food – at least it didn’t lead to a junk food binge.

Danger time....

I am off work for a week starting on Monday, working on the house (see Renovating my House goal). Holidays from work are traditionally a really slack time for food for me. In fact, not only traditionally, but compulsively. Add together the lack of routine the work day brings and the strange trance of DIY and easy access to the supermarket and the diet always loses. Pies, pasties, sandwiches, pot noodle, burgers and cakes. It ain’t pretty (and it rarely tastes any good).

This time, I am aiming to be different! Tomorrow, I am getting some recipes together and I am making a proper menu and shopping list to cover a whole week. I will make my burgers, if I must have them! I will even put a few packed lunches in there, so I don’t have to stop and cook during the day or if we decide to go out for the day. How’s that for preparation?! I can only hope for a will of iron to actually stick to this thing. Perhaps a good reward/punishment will spur me on. I will ponder on this tonight.

edit – I may need to add a seperate goal to cut out wheat and perhaps make a low-carb menu. I’ve been sticking to the diet this week, but feel a bit off today after having spaghetti and rice for the last 3 days.

EDIT – It’s now Saturday morning and I totally made it! I feel much better. I was in a situation where I could usually have freaked out with social anxiety last night, but thanks to sticking to the diet this week, I was better than I could have hoped – I felt really confident and calm! For future reference, the secret to sticking to the diet when I’m not in work is to have a fridge full of meat, veggies and salad as well as big pots of hummus and plain yogurt for snacks. Woo! Go me!

Edit – (20th Feb) generally, I have been pretty good with this, but this weekend was a little “elastic”. Firstly, I went to see a band, and very lucky me, got backstage. I was very thirsty and fancied a cold drink – all I could see was beer. Of course I had one, I didn’t want to be a pain! After that, I attended a party, (by this time very hungry) and had some sausages, crisps (ok usually, but I’m trying to cut down on carbs) and a glass of wine. The Sunday is Chinese NY! Who can resist eggfried (white) rice?! And just to top the weekend off, I had the. most. beautiful. fish and chips. EVER. I’m not miserable about it, as I mostly stuck to the diet and I don’t feel too bad physically after being rigid with the diet for 3 weeks or so previous. I am going to really batten down in March and try a whole month on minimal carbs and the only booze I will drink is a glass of champagne.

The thing is, it’s Shrove Tuesday today. Carbs don’t count if they are pancake shaped and covered in lemon juice and xylitol, right?

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