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do 20 pushups

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Getting closer!

Max: 14! Although I just hurt my hand and probably can’t do any pushups for a couple days, beh.

It's getting easier

Current max: 11. I could have done more today, strengthwise, but I started feeling faint so I stopped there. It was more than the recommended minumum in the hundred Pushups program anyway.

Fell off the track

Since I managed to do 10, I pretty much fell off the tarck and stopped exercising for a week. But that always happens, and I know better now than be all disouraged and stop doing this altogether. I practiced again yesterday, and will do so tomorrow. 20 pushups here I come…

Moving up from 10

I did ten, now it’s time to aim for 20! I want to keep the goals small so that I’ll feel accomplished often enough. Still following the program at http://hundredpushups.com/.

Oh, and I’m aiming at 20 CONSECUTIVE pushups, without resting in the middle, not just 20 in one workout session. (That I can already do.)

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