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yes this year 2011

I’m 5’6 & I can make it to 155 or 165 so depends if I stop there could be better then when i was 175 at 11-12th grade in 95-96. maybe by doing my fav. videos or swim or bike to, when its spring maybe more or outdoor stuff. right now 24 hour gym will help this goal had since 2009?just need to stick with it, not two days week or 20 min each time but 35 min and work up to more.SO thats going to happen this time around jan-December 2011.

yes this is my goal

i want to try this to see if it works. and if not dont give up this year try next year to.yes dont like being only between ~189-194~ it sucks. going to try for 165? something like that.

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