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Wish Epic Sunshine an honourable combination platter of a happy birthday on June 1st. Bring song and merriment. We may wish to dance later.

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Happy Belated Birthday

Damn those missing notifications because I’m quite tardy on adopting and completing this goal. At least Ratty has turned this into a month instead of one day since Epic is currently unable to access his account. He’s actually talking about starting another account, which would be his third since he deleted during the buttongate scandal too. Hopefully though the Robots will be in touch and fix his issues so that he can get back in his account before having to create a new one. In the meantime here are my wishes for him for the coming year:

May he (and we all) have less to worry about the right wing as the fringe gets trimmed this fall. May he Yen instead of being franc since the Euro sets the peso. And may his bladder be full enough to simulate Niagara Falls.

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