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Todd Schoonover in Coudersport is doing 39 things including…

clean my apartment

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Few More Days

I had originally told my landlady that I would be out January 31st. That didn’t happen. I’ve now told her March 1st. That will happen, come snow or freezing rain.

Kitchen: 98% Done

Dining Room aka The Dumping Ground: 80% Done

Hallway: 80% Done

Master Bath: 93% Done

Bedroom: 93% Done

Clothes Room: 100% Done

Private Bath: 100% Done

Living Room: 80% Done

Loft aka The Land The Todd Forgot: 95% Done

The Spare Bedroom aka The Bottomless Pit: 70% Done

Wolf Pack

I’ve been working on packing and purging for a while now and I’m two weeks behind schedule. Actually I’m six months behind schedule but that’s another view. I have made quite a bit of progress, but there’s still hours to go. Here’s a quick overview:

Kitchen: 98% Done
  • Take rest of dishes to ambulance hall
  • Empty fridge/freezer
Dining Room aka The Dumping Ground: 70% Done
  • Box up the pantry
  • Decide the fate of the liquor
  • Move the entertainment units

Hallway: 70% Done

Master Bath: 93% Done
  • Empty the medicine cabinet

Bedroom: 90% Done

Clothes Room: 95% Done
  • Roll up the rug

Private Bath: 95% Done

Living Room: 70% Done
  • Box the comics
  • Move the computer
Loft aka The Land The Todd Forgot: 65% Done
  • Tear down the boxes
  • Pack the toys
The Spare Bedroom aka The Bottomless Pit: 20% Done
  • Purge somethings
  • Box everything else

Landlady Again

Even though I’ve been working on moving my stuff from my apartment to my house, I still have lots of stuff to sort through and decide whether it’s moving or it’s purging. I gave my landlady notice at the end of last month that I’d be out the end of this month. She called on Monday wanting to know when she can come and see what she’s going to have to fix before she can rent it again (like the ceiling in the living room that hasn’t been fixed since the leak I reported on back in 2006).

Today I made progress on the half bath, the room I use as a walk-in closet, my bedroom, the hallway, the living room, the kitchen, the full bath and the dining room. Before she comes up though I want to do more to the dining room, bathroom, maybe the hallway, and maybe the kitchen. And it’d be nice to get a few hours of sleep too. She’s seen it in worse shape though and knows I’m in the middle of packing so she can’t expect miracles. Besides she’s the one who told me take as much time as I need and don’t worry about rent.

Reading Material

Besides my comic books, I’ve shared previously that I have subscribed to lots of magazines in the past. Those magazines have piled up around my apartment in stacks waiting to be filed away. The other week two of those stacks fell over, so I divided them into three stacks instead of actually working on properly dealing with them.

This week I took an hour and began sorting the magazines in the bathroom into seven different piles based on theme and size. Two of those piles are ones that will be going away either to a friend, the library or left in the magazine piles at the doctor’s office. The other piles will be further sorted and then filed.

Theoretically I’ll use those filed magazines in the future as reference material. Realistically I should just get rid of them all, but I’m not at that point yet with magazines like Movieline which is no longer produced. The fact that I’ve got two separate purge piles for this is actually huge since normally I would just be keeping all of them.

Sell By Date

I bought some pizzas from the Hebron Christian School who sell them as a fund raiser. They come unbaked and you bake them yourself. I bought them to give to the students in an upcoming ambulance training session, but need to keep them refrigerated until then. So I needed to make room in my refrigerator.

I’d already shared that I once ate a yogurt from my fridge that I discovered had a sell by date three years prior to when I ate it. I decided to start checking things that I haven’t used/eaten in a while to see what the sell by dates were on them.

I found four more yogurts who had a sell by date of 2005, and one with a 2008. I kept them all, though I pitched an open yogurt that was all watery up top with a November 2009 sell by date.

The oldest find was a 1997 jar of pineapple sauce to use to on ice cream. I didn’t buy it. A former roommate had, and since I don’t keep ice cream at home anymore, it got pitched. I also pitched a bottle of cocktail sauce left by a different roommate with a 1999 date on it. I pitched my own half-used jar of barbecue sauce that was also from 1999. I pitched a jar of pickles that I couldn’t find a date on, as well as a jar of crushed garlic. There were codes on the jars, but not ones that I could translate into a date. I also got rid of my big bottle of lemon juice that had a 1998 sell by date.

Some of these things should have gotten pitched back in 2004 after the tornado when we lost power for four days. I did purge my refrigerator then, but I guess I figured some of these things would still be okay. I have a pair of chocolate handcuffs in the fridge still that I know were from at least 1994. I don’t ever plan on eating those though.

I wonder what I would find in the freezer if I looked.


I was reading about another 43er’s kitchen sink situation and how he had found a dead mouse in the bucket he put under the drain so that he can use the sink. He was going on about feeling guilty about the mouse dying, and I can definitely empathize with him about that but I had to wonder why he doesn’t just fix the sink. Then again I’ve had a clogged sink for months now and finally got around to cleaning it the other night because I wasn’t motivated to go back to the gym nor do anything fun/creative. The problem with my kitchen is that there’s just one big sink, so doing dishes you can’t fill up the sink and rinse them in the second sink, you have to do everything in the solitary basin. As I tend to eat just salads at home, I usually just have a bowl and a fork to clean so I’d wash them up with the water running, never filling the sink even with the slow drain clog. Anyway, I took advantage of my lack of motivation to do other things and got the clog cleared so that I can actually use the sink as it’s meant to be used and did up the dishes that I hadn’t (don’t ask how old some of them were). Now to keep working on this, since it is one of my 2010 resolutions.

Refinancing This Time

A couple weeks ago, my landlady contacted me because there was a leak in the downstairs apartment and she was going to have someone access the roof through my apartment. So I picked up the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and hallway which would all be visible on their journey into my attic to go out onto the roof. Turns out the repairs they’d done to my porch a few years ago didn’t last and the water is pooling on my porch and then leaking into the downstairs apartment. She was supposed to repair it last weekend, but called me on Thursday to say that she hadn’t been able to get anyone to come until today. When I left before noon they still weren’t here, but when I came home tonight my porch was completely torn apart. I’m glad they felt that it was okay for them to use my snow shovel and broom which I’d had to take off my porch to use to get the stuff off the porch. I wonder how long until they get the new “rubber” roof on. I’ve been told that I can’t put anything on my porch once they do the rubber roof because it could puncture it. What the hell?! I mean why have a porch if you can’t use it?

Anyway, so my landlady tells me she’s refinancing the building and will need to show my apartment this coming Thursday, though she’s thinking she’s going to move it up to Wednesday. So I’ve got to pick up my whole apartment instead of just the parts that I’d already tackled. So here’s my task list between now and Wednesday morning:

* Kitchen dishes and stovetop 9/20
* Dining Room declutter 9/21
* Hallway remaining boxes 9/23
* Full Bathroom declutter 9/21
* Living Room Videotapes 9/22
* Living Room declutter 9/23
* Bedroom Videotapes 9/21, 9/23
* Bedroom Floor 9/21
* Dressing Room Floor 9/19
* Half Bath Floor 9/20
* Half Bath Sink 9/20
* All rooms empty trashes 9/20, 9/24
* Put Away Laundry 9/19

The junk room is still a lost cause. Working two full-time jobs means I’m rarely here. My intention was to start working on organizing my stuff once my day job was gone prior to my move, but since I’m still working eight months later, it just hasn’t happened. I’m working a 24hr shift tomorrow as a Medic, so basically I’ll have a few hours Monday and a few hours Tuesday nights. I’ll get done what I can, but I know I’ll be moving out of here sometime in the next six months so I’m not really going to invest the time it needs to do a thorough job.

Update: Just got a call that the walk through will be Thursday 9/24 at 8:30am which gives me an extra day to work on this.

Fifteen Hour Notice

My landlady had told me a couple weeks ago that she might have another interested buyer for the building and would be showing the building sometime. Now I’ve talked to her four of five times in the last two weeks because of the leak in the roof that she’s got to fix and she never said a thing about it being tomorrow. When I got home tonight though there was a message on my answering machine telling me that she would be showing the building at 9am tomorrow morning. Thanks for the notice.

I did some cleaning earlier this week when I was off on Wednesday, but if I’d known it would be this weekend I would’ve done more cleaning and less catching up on my soaps. I’ve also got Monday and Tuesday off this coming week and had planned to work more on the apartment those days. Now I’m debating what all do I have to get done before tomorrow morning.

Fortunately I did a lot of work a few weeks ago in order to make the leak accessible. And I spent an hour already tonight and made some good progress, having cleaned both bathrooms and organized my walk-in closet. I also made a good chunk of progress on my dining room.

Here’s what I would like to get done by morning:

  • Do my dishes
  • Dust the living room
  • Pick up and Rearrange the living room
  • Finish the dining room table
  • Pick up the kitchen
  • Clean my bedroom
  • Organize the pile in the junk room
  • Pick up the dirty clothes
  • Pack the video tapes in the bedroom
  • Make the bed

New Goals

Okay, so I’ve got a leak in my ceiling. I’ve done some investigating and think I’ve got it narrowed down to either the chimney or the seal along the widow’s window. I rent so it’s really my landlady’s responsibility. Being the bachelor I am though, I need to clean up the place (e.g. pick up the dirty clothes from the hallway floor, put away the porn, etc.) before I can show it to her.

I started today, and accomplished the following: Rearranged my toys in the attic, gathered up the recycleables, picked up the cards that fell when the shelf fell, repaired the shelf, moved all my Christmas present clothing from the junk room to the walk-in closet, cleaned the bathroom sink, cleaned the stove, did all the dishes, gathered trash, collapsed the pizza box stack and organized some of the Christmas presents. I would done more, but I sliced my finger open on one of the knives and had to hold direct pressure and elevate it for a good ten minutes before it would stop. It probably could use a stitch or two, but I’m going to try to go without. The latex glove I’m wearing seems to be working, though it has broken open a couple times (the wound not the glove).

So before Monday I want to accomplish the following:
  • Pick up the magazines in the bathroom
  • Pick up the dirty clothes
  • Box up the video tapes from the living room
  • Rearrange the junk room to make it more organized.
  • Box up my comic books or at least move the boxes to the junk room.
  • Rearrange the living room furniture
  • Get rid of the recycleables
  • Get rid of the garbage
  • Get rid of the box collection in the attic
  • Rearrange the attic
  • Pick up in the dining room
  • Pick up the hallway

If I can do this, then I can have the landlady come look and the workmen can come and go without me having to move things for them.

Little Steps

It’s the first time in weeks that I’ve actually been home for a whole evening. I took the opportunity to do some dishes that had been collecting. I also gathered up the trash. I cleaned the mirrors. I changed the baking soda in the refrigerator and freezer. I also collected the recycleables to drop off on Saturday. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s more than I’ve done in the last two weeks.

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