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7. Bikram NYC Monday 10/25

Last time I took my class at the Upper Westside location on 72nd Street. This time it was the Flatiron location on Fifth. It was packed. Lots of people are coming in on the 30 days for $30 promotion. I took it a little easier than last night, focusing on try to get my form solid. I ended with a little more energy. Again, I felt great later that night – very energized, but relaxed.

6. Bikram NYC 10/24

I have wanted to find a single yoga discipline and practice it until I have some degree of accomplishment. is running a special – 30 days for $30. I did my first class. All classes are the same. I need a lot of work on my balancing poses. Maybe if I fit in a lot of classes in the next 30 days, I will achieve that degree of accomplishment.

5. Integral Yoga 10/23

A little too relaxing for me.

4. Integral Yoga 1/2 10/15

Pleasant class.

3. Ashtanga Primary Series

Did Ashtanga Primary Series at Portland, Oregon’s premier yoga studio, Yoga Pearl. Jason Stein led the class. Jason had amazing yoga-inspired tats. I was in way over my head, but the class inspired me to make yoga a priority.

2. Basic Hatha 09/30/2010.

Took Yoga Basics class from studio owner Maureen. A wonderful, gentle class with a focus on beginners.

1. Yin Yoga. 10/1/2010.

Did excellent Yin Yoga/Meditation Class at Belmont Yoga in Portland, Oregon.
Yin yoga focuses primarily on stretching the body in preparation for meditation poses. This Yin/Pranayama/Meditation class taught by Leigh added the static stretching I was hoping to work into my practice.


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