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Be a great husband

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Tony, the Bald Eagle has written 29 entries about this goal

Great quote

To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with. – Mark Twain

The midas touch

I cleaned my study & massage table so I could give Mrs BE a nice massage. We used one of her new massage bars from Lush, however it contained so much glitter, she was shimmering all night & most of the next day!

I had glitter on me too… it felt liked everything I touched glittered!

Enjoyed our holiday in Surfers

It was relaxing, eventful, fulfilling & re-energising.

Went to the movies

Had a great laugh at the local premiere of Hangover 2 – it delivered to expectations + a bit more… luckily Mrs BE’s tattoo came off without too much trouble.

25 years...

Time (& life) certainly seems to fly! What a journey :-)


Just watched this short clip & only just realised that my wife makes me feel better about myself – which I think is rather wonderful :-)

Feeling a bit useless

I hate ‘resting’ and my recovery from the fall has been a little frustrating.

I had to go back on the painkillers, mainly for my ribs which I thought were bruised, but now feel like I probably cracked at least one (although there is nothing much I can do). Watching funny clips & shows hurts too much when I laugh!

I try & do stuff to help out, but end up over-doing it and hurting myself. I know this frustrates my wife, but I hate not doing my share.

I think I’ll get her a bunch of flowers to say thanks & let her know how much I love her :-)

Making her feel great

I enjoy giving Mrs BE a massage & the intimacy of being in love!

The right relaxing music, the aroma of the lavender infusion, the right temperature…

Special moment

Gave Mrs BE a wonderful massage, with the full works – relaxing music, essential oils & a long massage session – she enjoyed it & I felt great making her feel great :-)

Being there - but not being there

My wife is with her mother, supporting her at this difficult time. I’m looking after the house & kids.

I got the funeral notice in the paper & all the names spelt correctly! I sent a bouquet to my mother-in-law from all of us (which made her cry – but in a good way).

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