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set my intentions for the next couple of days

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I have put it out there...

Let God take the lead and we’ll see what happens. I am expentant to be filled with God’s love and grace, clearing the path that leads me through this possible turn or turns in the road. The possiblies will open up and I wll be flled with knowing the right path. I will go whole heartedly into either path. Stepping in , jumping in and knowning I have been lead.

for the weekend

....clean off at least the top layer of stuff.
.....clean the car.
.... buy a book that inspires me to clarify my dreams and go for it.
.... work out.
.....go to church and enjoy that community.
..take a risk..tba..not sure what that is. just throwing that out there.
....consider going on the walk for J.


I am going to fake it until I m ake it.

I had success with this attitudel last Saturday.’

I am going to figure out what my best self would do in this day and do it.

ie..set my bed, eat a good health lunch, not be crazy to my co workers.

today my attitude...

for today.. I am going to go through the day and fake it until I make it and be positive and view the world in that all things will flow and work out.



action time,

get to work early, finish grant, VERY IMPORTANT./

go through applications, set up interviews,

supervison with A…. blah. she’s annoying. be positive.


I want to stay positive and hopeful.

I am beginning to feel anexious again and its bothersome.


An open weekend.
quiet house.
I plan to sleep in and relax. I’m tempted to isolate tomorrow.
Might just do it.

I want to either play some tennis or go for a long bike ride.
Long bike ride might be that I try to bike the route to work. 15 miles each way. In reality, I should take the sounder train with my bike to work and then bike home.

I really would love to start biking at least one way. It’s such a good way to get in shape.

I also need to work on the curriculum. yikes!

No plans tomorrow night. Kind of ok with that, althougth I would love to see J or N.

I have to also be responsible and meet A. and also pick up stuff from M.

Sunday is church. looking forward to it, although the Pride parade is pretty much marching 2 blocks for the place and that means traffic. Blah. I might be able to sneak out in a spot by 830am. and out by 1030.

It's going to be a nice weekend.



To eat healthy

To be engaged at work, and listen to folks.

to graze gently in this world


One week and then I’m on vacation.

My intention this week is to focus and be engaged at work. I will be on top of things both professionally and personally. I will eat well and healthy. I will get enough excercise. I will check my cell phone for calls. I will keep my space clean and organized. I wll plan ahead and be on the ball. Because next week.. I am NOT going to think about work AT ALL. I’m going to relax, read a book and delight in my time off. 5 more days!!!!!!!!!!!


In the next 5 day I have off.

I want to eat well. veggies and fruits and protien. not so much chocolate.

I want to clean out the place.

I want to go through the financial stuff.

I want to journal and do art.

I want to see if it’s wise for me to go away for couple of days.

We’ll see.

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I want to:
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