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grow wings

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Happy moment

Eating some fudge from fudge kitchen, life is good XD


Alright, since I introduced my self and know now mostly all of you I have a favor to ask… do you guys know any spells I can do or people who can make spells? Please and thank you :¦)


Another old picture I drew off of a habanero chip bag (ate the whole bag without a drink, o-0 yuperz beat the heat lol):p

'Ello people 0W0

Hi, my name is Tori and let me tell you a little about me.
1. I’m 13 (b-day 10/20)
2. I love to draw anime (like picture above) especially chibi owo
3. Thil is my favorite smily . lol
4. I love, I mean I L-O-V-E sushi
5. I love all performing arts stuff
6. I like to dance around the house like a crazy person ›.‹ lol
7. I have a meez, tinerme, i-dressup, and facebook account (rarely on fb)
8. I’m homeschooled at connections academy (sleepin till 11 or 2:00, Yay:])
9. I am a social butterfly and I hope to be friends with alot you guys.
10 I hope to be on Wicked one day.
11. I live in Philadelphia, PA
43things life and goals
1. Believe it or not I’ve been on 43things for 3 YEARS (on my old account)
2. I’ve been on the mermaid chapel goal for a long time and learned alot about life there
3. I’ve was on the become a wolf goal but I have a hard time getting a clear and visual image in my head so I don’t really do that goal anymore :p
4. I can tell from fakes and people who tell the truth
Question time :D
1. How do you get a job if you have wings
2. How do wings effect your life
3. What are the illuminai (I heard alot of people talking about them but I don’t really know what they are)
So hopefully I learn more about you guys and we can become good friends :]. Also good spell suggestions, tips, anything that can help me that be great, please and thank you.

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