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moon last night was

so full and pretty..i think called harvest moon…object
of workmanship by creator of all that is and ever shall be..
moonski…luna…green cheese…white orb…wow
mix mind with moonbeams..yes..meow

used to ham radio

i have a ham radio license as a technician level ..i have had a licensce since 1978…still got it…this 43 site reminds me some of talking on amateur radio..i used to talk with people by morse code..i never used voice much…morse code was favorite…i could talk by code to people hundreds of mikes away..for example ilived in indiana and talked to Leadville colorado,chicago,memphis,florida routinely…you send a message then they would send back…the cheers are kind of like that,,,they have a self perpetuating aspect…you cheer you get,,,you invest that cheer and here comes more cheers…sometimes i would talk to one person and as soon as finished there would be two more transmitting code ready to interact…time passed so fasdt ..i had to do it late at night because of work and my daughter was only about three…stuff to do had to do it late at night…cheers travel so fast and they build up…they come fast and go fast if applied right away it sems,,,funny…73 in ham radio means well wishes to you so 73’s coming your way..hahah..the letter k at the end of a transmission of code means “done for this part or now” something like that…if i put my call sign on here you would know my full name and my exact adress because each radio operator has a unique call sign ..only one in the world likeit…someboby on eartth may have the same name as you ,but no way have the same call sign it is absolutely unique…73s to you

distant thunder

i love to hear thunder and see lightning…like the earth is crackling
from stretching its muscles a tiny bit…danke booms

dug up about 1 ft wide by 3 feet 2 feet long by 1/2 foot deep spot in very hard clay dirt and mixed it with leaves in back yard to help kglo

it to soak in rain and not give off water towards the basement
danke leaves..i used my mattock tool for exercise..
my mattock is almost identical with this image of a mattock..mine has a white handle almost identical except mine is more used from dirt/clay etc

fouled up eating

saturday and sunday the eating monster ate me…
my out of control doneky inner dufus self got out from under my discipline and ate me alive …way too much food ,ate some chocolate brownies,and
not ok dried beef gravy(a very very no no high desire item for my blood pressure ,something i almost never never have maybe 5 times in last 7 years.)
the i-feel—bad- angry- mad- sad- monster got out and ate me alive ….the score was :
monsters 1… me zero nada zilch squat zip dufus splat…
pound of fat on ,,wham…just like that..3600 calories is a pound of fat..yes i ate at least 3600 extra calories… now
...time to reassert,climb back ….. blah blah blah blah blah …sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you…...clop clop clop clop…


this cheer bombing run is so funny…i think we could generate cheers
by this run untill the end of the earth…my cheer board now just shows purple sangfriod face avatars….cheer bombing run is so funny..hahahaha…i better go eat and attend to some things before this room gets filled up with purple avatar face cheer bombs all over the floor and starts mixing with my word pile ,then my writing could be purple face words and hard to read..har har har har meow ..gotta go do some chore stuff…aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg, har har har

cheer-bombing runs

when reciprocated and go back and forth produce massive massive results…i quickly run out of targets to bomb it is so massive…har har har…har har har is so funny to me the comic book laugh …so funny so ridiculous way to symbolize happy laughter…har har har har

saturday befor light outside

i didnt think i would get on here on weekend because much to do,but i have a few minutes befor dawn so i think i will glob some words on 43…comment on a goal or two..hah har har har…dont you just love the way comic books indicate laughter….har har har….funny to me..
maybe i will ue it ..har har har…

time to make some less entries here for a day or two and

flow a few pages on the ewords thing,and catch up on some work flows that want some attention in my life… i now will attend to those…danke leben..come on words,come with me, i need you now…lets go over here and scribble a bit..haha danke leben..
lets let you climb onto some pages and have some fun….you ewords you,hahah..danke gott,light

i once heard it said

that if a person wants to be an artist and they are not painting now,they dont really want to be an artist..that seems powerful to me..i think of it when i can ..if i want to …whatever…then i better be whatevering right now whenever i get a chance to..that seems to be powerful idea to me…because i can stick in any goal/words/desires and it immediately has a clarifying pull on forces me to say “well ,boy,why arent you practicing jumping off little buildings and suiting up in your cape right now if you really do want to be superman…huh Clark Kent? chuckle…very very clarifying..makes me clear very fast,it is so revealing…do i really want to do the thing???danke leben

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