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#40 The 99

There’s an interesting comic book to check out (also, some cartoon series soon) – not exactly the manga, not even Japanese, but designed very similar to what is known from a Western culture (superhero comics), and rooted in Japan in the beginning (animated stories).
I’d like to introduce to you the first Islamic hero comic: “The 99”. These heroes carry the 99 names/attributes of Allah, and fight with all the evil in the world.
There’s an idea for the future times (Oct. 2010), to make them fight together with such defenders of mankind like Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman in order to make the world a better place!

Check this out:

#41 MegaTokyo

This is w web-comic manga, which I’ve been reading since 2004, although it started to be published in 2000.
Here’s the HP:
This is a story of two American boys, addicted to video/computer games, who go to Tokyo to seach through the Otaku subculture, and get stick to it, because some problems with leaving Japan at first.
Good drawings, printed too.
If you want, you can become a FB fan also :)

#42 Eden: It's an Endless World! (series)

Very good piece – 18 vol series, s-f story about a boy living in a future world, when our planet is being killed by some dangerous virus. Also, cyborgization issues.
Awesome drawings, psychologically strong characters.

#43 Boy's Next Door

Good piece – my very first manga, bought abroad.
It’s a Yaoi story: a 27y/o boy, LA male prostitute & his love affair with a teacher. BL good illustrated – literally & as a metaphor.

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