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BT applying -in person-

I applied online for many jobs but turned in my application for work at BT, which felt so rewarding in soo many ways. I felt so happy, ectatic and ccompished because I had took initiative to make it all happen. I was the one who took the bus that drove me to BT and I was the one who filled out the application and I was the one who handed the application to one of the workers at BT. It was an out-of-body experience that sent goosebumps down my spine. It was an accomplishment that had to be done in person and NOT through the internet to actually get the feel of the excitement of being so close to getting a job. I turned it in 2 days ago. I will give them a call early tomorrow when they open so that the manager is there and will ask about my application so that they’ll know Im interested in getting the job. Wish me luck! :)

Close..very close!!!

I applied online 4 summer jobs in my town wherever I could. I feel victorious and nothing can bring me down. I feel like I have a plan and the jobs I was applying for had messaged me back saying that I would get a reply soon. So I am very Hopeful and looking foward to the future with me obtaining a job during the summer. Just have to await the call. Yay! Sooo excited! :D


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