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Someone needed a little help!

Well, I am always trying to do the right thing. I never expect nothing in return. One day I was leaving Wal-Mart, I was putting groceries in my car, this lady came up to me out of the blue and said “could you spare a little cash or can you go in the store and buy me a few things like milk and cereal so I can feed my kids. I thought WOW this is truly unexpected! I said to her as she stood in front of me burdened with guilt having to ask me for help. She replied to me as I stood for a short few seconds, “If I see you here again I promise to pay you back, She said” she went to this store often”. I said to here this is what I have left after shopping I pulled every bit of cash I had out of my wallet and handed it to her, the amount was around $26 and some change. I told her to not worry herself about paying me back because If she ever gets into a better situation just to help someone like I helped you. Her eyes watered up with gratitude that a stranger without hesitation took her word and never once questioned her intentions. The lady gave me a huge hug and walked off toward Wal-Mart entering as I started putting my groceries into my car. She disappeared into the crowd of shoppers. This was such a eye opening moment in my life. I was a single mother with one child trying to make ends meet myself working at a job that paid $6.65 hr. I never question peoples intentions, you don’t have to walk in there foot steps. I just thank God for what I have, I keep moving on having faith, making everyday count by making a difference rather it be large or small. I Just want to make a difference for someone! If you don’t believe or if you do believe in a higher power, we all have a choice to make a difference.


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