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Fashion design

I’ll be starting a fashion design course soon (which involves sewing), so I think this box will be ticked off soon!

I'm really enjoying this!

My mother and I have been doing little projects (mainly tote bags and cushion covers).
I may tick this goal off when I am able to sew my own clothes.

Not as hard as I thought

Four years ago, I bought a mini sewing machine. Unfortunately, I learned that it wasn’t good enough for “proper” sewing projects. Eventually I gave it away to a friend.

Today I’m using my mother’s sewing machine, and my mother is teaching me how to sew. So far we’ve made: a duvet cover (converted from single size to double), 4 matching cushion covers from the remaining fabric, and a frilly skirt. I’ve sewn a few cute tissue holders on my own using free fabric samples, then sold them on eBay. More projects on the way!

My mother thinks I’m picking up quite quickly, so this is an encouragement for me.

Just for fun

Some months ago, I couldn’t resist buying myself a mini sewing machine. I’ll be messing about on it during the x-mas break. I’m planning to make some clothes for my doll (lol, I’m still a kid at heart) with some help from my mother.

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