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grow my hair long

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My hair only grows around 3 inches a year, so this will take quite a while. I think my problem right now is retaining the length, especially now that it seems to be breaking due to negligence. Time to fix that!

Just an update...

The biotin pills don’t seem to be working.


I’ve heard good things about Biotin, did a bit of research, so I’ll be buying this. I need to get my hair to grow faster. It would help with my brittle nails too. :)

This will take forever (approx. 6 years)

My hair is slow-growing, but I’ve noticed that it has grown a bit.
I grow around 3 inches of hair a year… It will take probably another 4-5 years just to get to shoulder-length. And another 2 years to get to my goal. The best I can do is take better care of it and stay patient.


It’s a bit thicker at the back. Better than nothing.

The scissors: A hairdresser's favourite tool

Been to the hairdresser’s yesterday, and got a “trim” – or more like a chop. (I didn’t think I needed one. Cutting it constantly will defeat the purpose of gaining length!) Well, the hairdresser got too scissor-happy and now I’m back to square one (with stubborn short hair)... I wonder how long I will have to wait for the 2 inches of hair to grow back? They say hair grows at an average of 1/2 inch per month. Mine probably grows ten times slower than that average :( – even with all the hard work and extra effort I’ve been putting in. At least I’ve been told that it’s healthy and my natural colour is nice.

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