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list 43 men i wouldn't kick outta bed

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7. Lindsey Buckingham

It’s the voice. I swear. His voice really just manages to touch that particular chord in me that makes my knees wobble and my innards turn to mush. Especially on this live version I have of The Chain.

6. Jonty Hearnden

He’s on one of those daytime antique hunting things as a valuer. Cash in the Attic, that’s the one. He is absolutely bloody lovely – I don’t usually go for blondes but DAMN! Mighty fine.

5. David Duchovny

I saw an episode of X-Files the other day and it reminded me how much I like David Duchovny, his humour, his warmth, his naughtiness, that twinkle in his eye.


4. The young Harrison Ford

He don’t do much for me now but MY GOD!! Han Solo Harrison Ford is irresistible. Space rogues do something to me! I swear to God, that smile would get me every time!

3. George Clooney

I swear, it’s the eyes. Maaaaaan!

2. Clive Owen

Again, I saw him on TV years ago and quite fancied him back then. However, my father is also called Clive and that’s a bit of a turn-off for me!

1. Daniel Craig

I’ve fancied him ever since I first saw him 11 years ago in Our Friends In The North, but that picture of him coming out of the sea in his swimming trunks in Casino Royale was the clincher!

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