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I’m not entirely sure how I should go about this.

Counting calories is not the way. I just obsess way too much, and I still think 1,800 calories a day is an obscene amount (even though it’s perfectly healthy, and might even be too little depending on height, weight and the amount you exercise), so whatever I do, I need to ignore calories as much as possible.
My SO suggested the route of just exercising more and continue eating the way I do – I decided that cutting out unnecessary snacks, like eating rubbish in front of TV or eating dessert even though I don’t really want any, could be a first step.

Definitely doing the exercise thing. I’d love to go swimming more, but now that I dye my hair (the dye does wash out), I’m afraid I’ll dye the pool water purple. I guess I need to get a swimming hat, but they look stupid and I don’t know if they’re going to help.

I don’t have too much to lose – 5 kg, tops, so cutting out all the rubbish and exercising more should do the trick. I’ve started to cook more fresh stuff, so that’s good.

Up next: Finding healthy lunch break options. Any suggestions?


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