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Finally registered myself for Korean Language Class

I got to know that there is a particular language center offering Korean Language Lesson last week. We were very excited but unfortunately the language center is quite far from my house. Transportation is the only problem that holds me back.

After pondering for several days, my twins and I finally registered ourselves for Korean Language Class for beginner. I’ve made full payment for one semester (no turning back). No more procrastination!

This is a great thrill. My intake is on 15 June 2012 (Friday) but I’ll miss my first lesson since my final paper will be on 15 June too. I hope I can catch up.

Now I’ll have to find out the best mode of transport to go there. (Hope my brother is willing to borrow me his car)
I’m really happy that I managed to attract I want. When there is a WILL, there is a WAY.

Law of attraction rocks.

Korean Language~

I’ve always wanted to learn another foreign language besides Japanese. So Korean Language come to my mind as many of my friends are so obsess with Hallyu, K-Pop as well as Korean drama.

There is a saying that language is a mirror of culture, language always reflects many aspects of the culture of a country. That’s why i think learning a foreign language is exciting.

If everything goes well, I wish to take Korean Language Lesson for beginner in this coming semester break . Hope that I can gain some insight into Korean Culture through the Korean Language!

Aja aja Fighting!!! 아자 아자 화이팅

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