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twistedmissx3 has written 2 entries about this goal

it really worked.

my ex and i have been dating for a month again now. we’re happy as ever and it really does seem like he’s more caring and trustworthy. We have our disagreements but we always get over it. =] i’m so happy to have the love of my life back. Magic really does work everyone, you just have to believe.

i cast a spell on my ex boyfriend

we’ve been on and off for two years now, and right now we happen to be off. i have always been into witchcraft, but i never actually made and cast my own spell on anyone.
so i put a spell on my ex, the spell entailed these things: “he would have to set foot on my property which would trigger his love for me to begin again.for him to come back to me more caring and loving and trustworthy..”

keep in mind that my ex and i go to school together, and its so bad that we walk by each other without acknowledging each others presence.
(seemed so unnatural)
so i meditated for about 20 minutes, and listened to all the songs that remind me of him…(this all happened on a sunday)
TUESDAY MORNING at school, his younger brother mentioned that the two of them had stopped by my house on monday, but i wasn’t home..(?)[property] then that very same day. MY ex mysteriously stayed after school doing absolutely NOTHING…& we ended up playing one on one bball together…at the end of the game, he gave me an air kiss,how could this randomly happen to two people who never speak?
MAGICK. thats how.
I BELIEVED DOWN TO MY VERY CORE THAT THE SPELL I WAS CASTING WOULD WORK..& it may be too early to say so…but i think it did(is).

if you truly believe in what you want, & u aren’t wishing harm on anyone, you can successfully cast a spell. the most important thing, while looking for materials and meditating is that it is all ABOUT YOU. let nothing come in the way of what you want.


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