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Bah… I’ve been stuttering for most of my life, and I’m 21 now. I kind of stutter on vowels – but not all vowels – and not all the time. The big problem is asking questions: Who, What, and How mainly.

Here’s what I’ve found:
The whole “think before you speak” thing works for everything else but those!! I do wish I could be more spontaneous, but I realize that I can’t get too excited without becoming almost incoherent.

Another trick I’ve found though is to preface those sentences with the word So: it’s not “How are you?” or “What are you doing?”, it’s “So, how are you doing?” and So, what are you up to?” It’s strange how I just can’t start sentences with those words.

I’ve never gotten any speech therapy. That was the goal for this summer actually, but working 65+ hours/week kinda cuts into the free time!

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