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Cherry Blossoms

love this season.
had a lunch under the cherry Blossoms on weekend.
some strangers in the beuatiful pic… :-(


learned how to wear sari
wore two sari
blue and pink

Necklace from Friend

I volunteered for an american lady at an International Fair last month because her Japanese is not very good to sell products. She was so happy I helped her and she gave me the necklace that she made. I like it!
After the fair, sometimes we meet at a pub and events and have a good time together.

She is very nice, social and clever. She has opened her own local community website for Foreigners and Japanese people and it has been successful so she knows many people here.

I want to meet more people like her.

Made a banana bread

Oishii! and good for health.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa

This is a traditional festival of my city. I cannot explain well so take a look at this website-->http://fukuokaguide.com/
and this-->http://web-japan.org/atlas/festivals/fes22.html
This is a movie of it >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lEkHV-EA6o&mode=related&search=

I know it looks funny running like that for foreigners. But they are honor to take part in it. They also have great Japanese spirits and I think it’s cool.
There are 7 Nagare(teams) and each nagare have own portable shrine. They starts running in order. Before strat running, the first team sings a local feast song called “Hakata Iwai uta” and then starts running. They run about 5 kilometers and compete the time.

The video above is one of the team.

Yesterday, forein friends and I went to see Oiyama(the last day) which starts at 4:59 in the morning. My friends, they were excited and so I was coz I haven’t seen it for ages.
Unfortunetly, typhoon was just about gone and it was still quite windy and raining. We all get wet because, the wind broke our unbrellas! But Oiyama was really fun and we had some pictures and movies.
I wish I could be a man just one day on Oiyama and take part in it….

Oh yeah, when they are running, they are saying “Oisa! Oisa! Oisa”. But one of my friends asked me ” Are they saying “I suck! I suck!”?” hahaha.

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