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Run to Rivendell

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To Rivendale

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Started with this

Ever since I came to Sweden, I have been better with this. With working out in general actually. Depending on my other workouts, I go running two or three times a week now. Just a short round around the lake, but better than nothing.
Especially in the mornings it is really gorgeous here.

Foot problems

Three weeks later I am still waiting for my foot to heal completely. I am too scared of making it worse again. So I will wait for some time longer, until I don’t notice it anymore at all. Sadly.


I am so anxious to finally start running again. I do need to wait for my tendinitis to be completely healed before I go at it, though. I used to love to run and after I stopped I never took it up again. While I was on the Camino I decided that I need to take better care of myself and running is part of that. Running was always something that I did just for me and for nobody else. I was always slow, sure, but I loved it.
I am aiming for next week. Until then my foot should finally be good again.

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