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Pay homage to the honeybees

for they pollenate flowers & fruit trees. This, to me, is a mighty miracle. These tiny bugs help to get fruit to my table and flowers to my garden. WOW!


Focus, focus, focus

I have an old world brain. I can’t stand having too many options to choose from. I don’t need 43 flavors of ice cream. Maybe 5. I could easily combine 5 flavors into one dish & not feel overwhelmed.

43 goals are fine but I need to square away which are top priorities and which can be pushed aside for now.


Cinco de Mayo…again

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!

I need more cowbell

Because sometimes there just isn’t enough

(A funny, funny skit from SNL with Will Ferrel & Christopher Walken)

Simma down na

An old skit from SNL acted by Cheri Oteri…gives me the giggles everytime…simma down na

Visit the Aliens

and compare notes

Sometimes you gotta "Fake it until you make it"

You can use the “Little Engine That Could” mantra: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”

Notice the changing sky

If you don’t look you may miss the opportunity to understand that life is transient & light & shadow are the underpinnings of human existence.

Focus on what you can do, let go of the rest

there is so much truth in the serenity prayer

Eat more fruit

Natural antioxidants & wholesome goodness packed by mother nature in pretty paper (i.e. skins, rinds, peels)

Ugo~mother nature :)

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