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Embrace Epicureanism &/or Rational egoism

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Unleashed my anger & disappointment today

because I refuse to be the person who often gets dumped on.

Done with the idea of sacrificing myself to get along with others. Especially when my consideration for their feelings does not get reciprocated.

I will embrace and own my desire to put myself first & not feel one ounce of guilt when my needs trump others. I don’t mean that I have a right to stomp on other people. Or that I can take advantage of others either.

Simply put, I have every right to look after myself and do what I need to do before I extend myself to others.

An excerpt from Ayn Rand, a philosopher, who in her book The Virtue of Selfishness (1964) explains the concept of rational egoism in depth. “The issue is whether man is to be regarded as a sacrificial animal. Any man of self-esteem will answer: No. Altruism says: Yes.”

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