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A little bit gone.

My sister just left for college and with her went a bunch of my old college stuff. Posters, sheets, decorations, etc… Stuff I would never use again. So long crap!

(I am glad someone else is getting use of out it though. I hate just throwing things away.)

And it begins.....

Well I’ve been sorting through all my crap in my father’s garage. And I must say, I have a lot of crap.

But it’s dwindling. I actually have significantly less stuff since going to college. But now that I’m done and all my stuff has to fit into a few boxes, it really makes you think.

Most of the stuff I’m hanging onto are the things with the least amount of value. Old notes, old art I’ve created, pictures, books on all different topics.

It’s strange how hard it is to separate from some of these things. Even though I know they’ll just get packed away in a box for another 5 years.

I guess I just like thinking about what it will be like looking at them again in 20 years. I think they’ll really be worth something then.

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