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name 100 things i like about myself

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unagi has written 8 entries about this goal


71. That I can spend hours in the library.
72. That I’m a good sister (most of the time).
73. My tattoo!
74. My piercings.
75. I recycle.
76. That I have a sense of humor.
77. That I will never lose touch with my family no matter what happens.
78. That I can make sushi.
79. That I don’t drink much soda.
80. My eyelashes.


61. That I waited patiently for years to cut my hair so that I could donate it.
62. My ability to complete errands when I put my mind to them.
63. That I’m thinking about my future when I’m still so young.
64. My new hair cut!
65. My appreciation for artist value.
66. My work ethic
67. My taste in shoes.
68. I won’t leave my dirty dishes in the sink.
69. My skills as a theatre electrician.
70. That I turn off the power strip to my computer when I turn it off.


51. My ability to make something tasty.
52. My taste in movies.
53. My taste in food.
54. How I’m willing to try almost anything.
55. That I LOVE avocados now.
56. That I like to volunteer.
57. How social I am regardless of living far away from everyone.
58. The way I’ve changed my eating habits for the better.
59. My artistic abilities.
60. That I don’t give away movies or tv shows by saying things like “ooh ooh watch this!, this part is ridiculous!”


41. That I’m learning to eat better.
42. That I’m committed to weekly tasks, like Weight Watchers meetings and the gym.
43. I’ve learned how to whip up something delicious from what I can find lying around.
44. My ability to write a good cover letter.
45. That I have a good grasp on right vs. wrong.
46. I always pay my library fines.
47. I’ll empty/ fill the dishwasher if I see it needs to be.
48. I usually won’t treat someone like garbage if they get something wrong the first time.
49. I take a multi-vitamin every day.
50. I genuinely love spending time with my family.


31. That I’m slowly gaining the courage to stand up for myself.
32. That my happiness is more important than money to me.
33. How motivated I am at the gym.
34. That I feel guilt when I know I’ve done something wrong.
35. That I still have an imagination.
36. That I’m not happy doing the same thing every day.
37. The clever solutions I can sometimes think up.
38. That I love teaching or explaining to anyone who asks.
39. That I’m a good girlfriend (or at least my boyfriend tells me so.)
40. That I love costume jewelry more than expensive jewelry.


21. That in a word I am general described as “sweet” or “nice”
22. That I won’t tell someone off in the heat of the moment
23. I’m not a jealous person
24. My hair
25. How well I can gift wrap
26. How close I am with my family
27. How I’m starting to not be a financial leech on my father
28. That, if it came down to it, I could completely take care of myself
29. I don’t need to spend money to have fun
30. I’m good at frisbee


11. My fingernails.
12. How well I can paint my nails if I really try.
13. That I don’t quit.
14. I floss regularly.
15. I’m not lazy. We’ll, most of the time.
16. I donate blood and platelets.
17. I’m good at making tempura.
18. I’m organized.
19. I’m good at trivia games, like Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, Cash Cab, etc.
20. I’m crafty.


1. I’m not a bitch. (Well, most of the time.)
2. I can sew.
3. I’m a good designer. (At least I think so.)
4. I’m responsible.
5. I care about people working under me, and don’t punish them for my mistakes.
6. I’m a good driver.
7. My love of animals.
8. I’m a thrifty shopper.
9. How I look in (most) pictures.
10. I like to read.

unagi has gotten 2 cheers on this goal.


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