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leave everything a little better than i found it

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tidying up paperchase is exhausting but it always looks good! doesnt realy count but im going to bring in some items that i dont use for the guide dog appeal.

i must think of something else to do for this!!


this is a hard goal!! well i picked up a book in borders and put it back on the shelf, did all of my flatmates washing up(although i partly did this because i stole some milk :S ),tidied and took the rubbish out.

this isnt great but its something i guess


theres an application called greenbook, and save electricity & CO2 somehow.


im leaving my facebook a little better( or the world anyway)

zebra crossings

i always lift my hand as a gesture to cars who stop on zebra crossings so i can cross. i know every one is meant to but some dont. if you acknowledge their good deed they are happier and more likely to stop for others( i know i do).. and youve left crossings and the roads abit better!! this does count!!im not talking rubbish! :-)

going slowly

i havent realy found things big to do. i pick random bits of litter up, put things back in the supermarket in the right place and do the washing up for my flatmate.
what have u guys been doing???

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