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get rid of unnecessary possessions

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Rid Of Possessions

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i recently moved and wanted to try and tick this goal off my list. i must have thrown half of my possessions out, alot of stuff i was keeping thinking it may be sentimental to me, but wasnt realy. the only thing i had problem with was my clothes because i kept saying, i may wear it when it gets warmer etc…
ive taken alot of stuff with me to my new flat and have decided anything that doest get worn or used here will be thrown out! nearly everything i own now i either realy love and dont want to give up or i use/wear regulary.
funnily enough, i dont miss the stuff that i did give away, so oviously i didnt need any of it in the first place, but it did show me how much stuff i did have!!! phew!


this weekend to go home, so i need to plan what i absolutely cannot live without/what can be left at the end/ what i need to travel to lapland with/ wht i love and cherish/ gifts frm finland

its gona be a hard w/e but i will be getting rid of lots of unnessacary items.

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