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find happiness in little things

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A moment in a classroom

The Puzzles: Identical

The Challenge: Put your puzzle together before the other team does

The Teams: 3 boys vs. 2 girls

The Result: Some amusing remarks

“Alright guys, organization is key”
“Yeah, organization is awesome”

“My scratch started bleeding”
“Andrew, you’re gonna die”
“It’s called bleeding out”
“It’s also called dying”

“This is it! Look Drew! No wait, maybe that isn’t it”

“Look we’re ahead! Guys, we’re winning!”
“Andrew, could you please stop saying that.”

“We did it!”
“No, you didn’t use this one”
“Shh, don’t worry about that”

more more more

~I found a new band I LOVE :)
~Peppermint mocha creamer is back on the shelves – I love Christmas
~I bought a new phone
~I went to lunch with my mom
~liked a movie more the 2nd time I watched it

a few more moments of happiness

~My grandpa sent me an amusing letter
~I spent an evening with some great friends
~A friend screamed more than I did at the haunted house we went to
~I saw a beautiful sunset yesterday
~I get to visit a friend this weekend
~I shared a favorite book with someone (and she is going to read it)

a few...

~the leaves were especially crunchy today
~a friend sent me an email
~I had time to clean the house
~I have more books than I have time to read
~someone agreed with me on youtube
~I found a new quote I like
~I bought a couple new books (for a really good price)

it’s a start anyway

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