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Kat Bass has written 2 entries about this goal

Vision coming together..

Heres what I did to complete this and advice I will offer to all of you before you consider this as a goal..

1) Start a Model Mayhem account. Modelmayhem.com

2) Be willing to work for free to build up your portfolio. Lots of photographers will shoot you for free. If youre good looking, dont expect to get anywhere being a “6” or under. Modeling aint about showcasing your personality, its about selling clothes or sex. Get used to it. If you like the artistic side of it, you should have no problem shoting for free. But the money side of it.. Clothes/sex.

3) WOrk out, eat right, clear your skin up, even your skin tone, mosturize, network. Go shoot!!


I have oppurtunities to do this I just need to find the right place to work out of, and put a couple of other things in order..

1) Purchase a vehicle for photoshoots

2) Attend the photoshoots, build up a a rapport and network

3) Research happenign modleign areas and book jobs

4) Quit Job in Hometown

5) Move To modeling area

6) Lose a little weight

7) Clear up skin

8) Grow out hair/nails

9) Keep Going til I have a consistent Salary!


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