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have whiter teeth


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been keeping at the achieved lvl for a bit now so im done yay :)

ok so for a while now my teeth have been a nice shade of white that matches the shade of white of my eyes and its been staying that way for the most part ( less i start heavy in on coffee, but lightens up when i hold off) so i think i am going to call this goal done :) thinking about that im pretty damn stoked right now i thought i would always have off shade to my teeth and really it didnt take much of anything to change it just changed my tooth paste and randomly brushed up with a light whiting system here and there and i didnt have to spend a ton at a dentist to achieve my goal :)

my opinion on right shade of white

In my opinion the right shade of white is about the same shade of white as your eyes. I think it looks startling and odd to have super super white teeth and really at that point your probably damaging them. So my idea to help me not damage my teeth anymore then I have and to not go over board I am just aiming for the shade complimenting my eyes. I know theres some people out there that theyr not in the best of health and their eyes show it by being quite yellowed but still good habits and a healthy life style will probably level most of this out.


I switched my toothpaste a while ago to crest 3d white. Without much thought and not really paying attention it really has managed to do the job. I’ve just noticed that my teeth are almost the shade I would like them to be. I have also cut back on my coffee consumption so theres one less thing for the whitening agent to combat. I have also recently bought plus white 5 minute speed whitening system, it too also seems to do fairly well. I have only used it once but there seemed to be a shade or two difference after cleaning up the mess. Definitely not a product to use if you are not whiling to deal with feeling like a dog with rabies, seriously it was a total mess and it was foaming all over the place. I ended up just hovering over the sink for the 5 minutes. Course there could be an operator error. I do plan on using it again since I didn’t continue using it for the week like the instructions said to do. For the most part I recommend switching your toothpaste to the 3d white for passive improvement between whatever other treatments. You’ll be surprised by how well it actually works.


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