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Make USD 5,000,000 before I'm 50

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I think I could do this in 3.5 years

After talks with a few people about my business plan, and financing and marketing of this, I believe that if I really, really got serious about this, I could achieve this a lot sooner.

But we must live our life as well, so … I’ll think about it.

I've done this before ....

Lists like this make me very focused, I break my list down by 5 years, to 2.5, to 1 to 6 months and down to weekly goals.

This works incredibly well, for getting rich.
I have been a janitor, and made my first million in 3.5 years, and lost it.
My weak point is love and relationships, which is why I just blew every cent I had chasing the “wrong” girl.
Its simple to make money if you know what you want in life. But its not easy.

Here’s a game I teach everyone.
The only thing in your life that matters is being happy, and thats got nothing to do with money… but it might, for security, etc whatever
You have got to find a quiet, happy place and feel happier than you have ever been in your life. So happy you want to explode, jump up, run around the room, want to tell EVERYONE about it, and you don’t even know why….

Once you can do this, in your minds eye, look around at your life, not what you have only, but who you are, what you are doing day to day, what irritates you about your perfect life, and what still makes it perfect…

Write these things down, you’ll find its a very different list from what you imagine you want normally, and shorter.. but these are the things you need in life to feel that deliriously happy (assuming you can be honest with yourself)

Give yourself 5 years, (trust me, no matter how hard, if you can’t do this in 5 years, then you just don’t want it bad enough, .. or to be happy enough)
Write this list on your wall, in your wallet under the mat by your front door.
Work out where you need to be in 2.5 years to be on track to 5 years, then in 1 year, 6 months etc
down to 1 week goals.
Don’t be too tough on yourself, but be honest
if you slip, you won’t get any of this, any you will always be unhappy… This will motivate you.

Strange things happen.. somehow people can recognise when you are on a successful path, think about it, you can see people who are on a fast track, something about their posture, attitude etc..
People start giving you breaks, opportunities etc out of the blue
You’ll most probably do it in 3 years..
Last time it took me 3.5…
Except love, hahaha
I have never cracked that one…
But money, that is so easy.. even when I have no idea how I’m going to do it. Just the fact that I have to..
forces me to find a way, usually new and novel
and THATS how people get rich
Keep it simple, ...
Good luck

I stick this on my wall

All the realities of how hard this is, with minimum projected earnings and income at each point. I get up an hour or two earlier every morning, and don’t procrastinate anymore,
I keep this in my wallet too.
And under the mat by my front door.

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