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have a six pack

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Great Book Recommendation

Bill Phillips – Body for life was recommended to me by my personal trainer. There’s a lot about people doing it for the competition, but what I do like about his approach is:
Don’t do it to get in shape – Do it to change your life.
This is so true – success in one part of your life will make you successful in many other areas.
Ok, I’m inspired .. and its going great. and eating all the time is great :D but I miss junk food sometimes

zero progress here

well, its coming up to xmas …
and I definitely don’t want to miss out on all the jolly making…
I think this will be a new year goal when I am tired of partying, boozing and general cavorting … anyway its too cold to get that skinny just yet :p

very tough..

I hate exercise…
I used to be a commando.. Did 6-10 hours a day running with a rucksack full of rocks training for about 5 years.
Now, 1 good lung, broken hip about 20x, dislocated collarbone, operations on both knees, ...
It sometimes just hurts too much to exercise

I need to find new ways to make it fun.

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