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Learn to juggle

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i just did so well!!

using what i discovered yesterday, today i juggled. i felt it. i got to the point where i didn’t have to think about it, almost like the balls were juggling themselves (until i missed a catch). slowing down the hands and using high tosses, i did a marathon in comparison to what i usually can do. now just need to throw them straight without the help of a wall. i feel awesome.

made significant progress today

part of me thinks i should check off this goal because i have “learned to juggle”. i know how but i’m not where i want to be with the skill so i’ll keep with it for now. anyway i FINALLY worked out this kink that i think has been holding me back so long. and this is it: there’s only one ball entering the air at a time. though one may be falling, there is only one rising and if you throw it high enough you wait for one ball to start falling to throw the next. duh. i knew this. but today i understood it. i thought i wasn’t moving my hands fast enough, but, in fact, they were too fast. with that understanding i just have to work on aim and catching. (no big deal, right?)

i really really really want to juggle

but i haven’t been practicing…at all. :(
i just have to sit down and do it every day

home for break

but i left my juggling balls at school… hopefully only a minor setback.

I've been trying

but i haven’t quite got it yet because i haven’t fully commited to it, but now i’m going to try harder.

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