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Start over

I need to start over, I broke down yesterday. I recently bought an engagement ring and I was planning on proposing before Christmas and I have been nervous the past few days about it and bit 3 nails off.
I believe that because I stopped checking in that I was less aware of myself and my goal to stop biting for good. So here we go again. Today is December 15, 2005, I’ll start my new one month goal (January 15, 2006) today.

Hang nail

I had a hang nail today while I was at work and I didn’t have a file or clippers so I bit it off. I’m ashamed of myself, I was doing so well.

Goal Reached!

Today, Saturday, November 19th, I reached my 1 month goal of not biting my nails! I have trimmed and filed a few already, and some are getting really long. As long as my awareness is still there I am confident that I will stop for good. I will keep updating once a month from now to check up.

Day 18

It’s Sunday 11/6/05, and I made it through my 17 day goal of not biting and am well on my way to my 1 month goal. I am more aware of when I’m going to bit now which I believe is one of the most key steps in stopping. I have nails on every finger but one now and will actually have to cut some soon!

Day 13

I’m still going strong. I put one of my pinkies in my mouth twice, because there was a hang nail and I didn’t have a file or nail brush near. But I held off, cut and filed it when I got home. So I can actually see the white growing from my nails (except my pinky) for the first time since I can remember!

Day 7

I’m at one week and I haven’t bit my nails. I’ve come close several times, catching myself with a finger in my mouth but stopping myself to trim, cut or file. They are actually growing, I can actually see a little white on most of them! Only 23 more days…

Day 5

I still haven’t bit my nails. I’ve wanted to a few times but caught myself and either filed or trimmed some down. I went camping over the weekend and hardly had any urges to bite because my hand weren’t that clean.

My plan...

In order to stop I feel that keeping this journal to keep myself aware that I’m biting or trying to bite my nails is important. By doing this, I am keeping a conscious eye on my sometimes unconscious habit.

My first step was to get a nail brush and files to keep any hang nails/irratations down so I wouldn’t feel compelled to bite. Also to put lotion on my nails to encourage nail growth. I did so today and did not bite my nails today (Wednesday, 10/19/05).

I’ve heard that it takes 17 days to break a habit, I’m not sure if this is true so I’ll set my target date at 1 month without biting my nails. My target date is November 19, 2005.

Beginning Summary

I’m 27 and have been biting since I was little. I bite my nails, cuticles, and skin, sometimes even to the point of bleeding. Others have tried to stop me and I have also tried to stop myself with no success. Some of the things I have tried are: Painting my nails with clear nail polish/stuff that’s supposed to taste bad, counting the number of times I bite my nails in a day and why (this was the most effective, I stopped for a few months and started again), etc.

Some of the reasons why I think I bite my nails is boredom, nervousness, and trying to be a perfectionist (so if I have any irritation I think that biting is going to correct it and usually always makes it worse).

Some reasons why I want to stop are: to set a good example for my one year old daughter (i never want her to develop this habit), to not look like a kid/appear immature, to have healthy looking nails, and to conquer my worst bad habit.

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