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Deary me.

I have dropped off of the radar so many times on this website, I need to buck up my ideas!

Anyway, I’ve had a hectic past 6 months but now I’m finally settled again so hopefully I’ll be around a bit more. Admittedly, I’ve said that an awful lot of times but third (or 100th) time lucky, right?

So, a quick catchup? Thailand was amazing! Honestly the best two months of my life, I can’t wait to go back once I finish university/have the money. I got back on results day, turns out I only got BBC in my A levels (oops) but got into Heriot-Watt University to study Chemistry, for which it’s currently 2nd in the league tables. I’m doing pretty well so far I think, got a few A+’s on my lab reports and stuff yay!

I packed up and moved to Edinburgh on the 1st of September and absolutely love it, it’s beautiful! I’ve settled really well into a group of friends and we all get on, so that’s good :D

Me and Ryan split up after three years, he got into King’s College London and I just decided I didn’t want to deal with only being able to see my boyfriend for 2 days a month for the next 5 years, so we’re just staying good friends now.

Also, I’m 19 now! Ah it’s so weird, I joined this site when I was only 12! In that time I’ve only done 267 things, and most of which aren’t actual achievements, but still!

That’s it pretty much I think, how has everyone else been?!


I haven’t been on here in so long! Desperately hoping that everyone else is still around and active, I miss this site!

I’ve decided that for 2012 I’m going to get back on here again and start working towards some of the goals I gave up on 5 years ago!

Catch Up!

Oh deary me. It’s been forever since I was on here, and I really miss it! I think I’ve grown up quite a bit since I last showed my face, so have a new picture so you can all put a face to the name :P

Anyway, the point of this post was to have a brief catch up with people on here so I’ll fill you in about what’s been going on with me for the past 6 months.

I started college last September, and have slaved away doing 5 AS levels ever since. I say slaved away, I got a disappointing C in Chemistry and an even worse D in History, which was surprising as I was getting straight A’s in all my mocks, in my Christmas exams so the hard work really started after that. I’ve had 4 exams in the past month, and I have 2 left on Monday 6th for English and French. I settled into college pretty well I think, and aside from the Christmas exams it’s all going okay :D

Remember my Christmas job? They hired me again at the end of February until March 28th, then extended my contract May 28th. So I finished a week ago, but during my exit interview my manager told me I work like ‘shit off a shovel’ and that I’m a ‘shining star’, and she also mentioned that they’re reviewing their finances and a few vacancies should pop up in a week or two and that they’ll be in touch, which is always promising. At first I was working 4 nights a week, but at the beginning of May it was too much with my exams, so I handed in my notice, but my manager offered me the same job but with 50% less hours, meaning I’d just work a Saturday, which was blooming perfect :D

Ooh! I also got pretty into nail art about 3 months ago, and have recently started selling hand painted false nails here on Ebay! Admittedly, I’ve only sold one pair so far but I’m hoping that it’ll kick off a little bit soon! :P

And that is pretty much it! How has everyone been? :D


I got my cartilage pierced a few days ago, and it’s suddenly swollen up and gone bright red. Oh the pain.

I painted my nails with a Union Jack last week!

Ooh I adore them, but it’s all started chipping so I’ve got to take it off :(


I have a day off of college due to feeling like I’m going to spew everywhere when I move, therefore I’m going to sit in bed with my laptop and update every single goal I’ve got on here! :)

I started college today!

It was really good actually, I’d been worrying for weeks but it wasn’t that bad :D

I made a few new friends in my tutor group, and there’s a few nice people in the classes I’m in where I don’t know anybody so I’m looking forward to going back :D

I made my own shorts!

Well, I cut up a pair of jeans and sewed them up, but still! :D

Me and Ryan


Sorry for filling up the post randomly goal, didn’t know where else to put them :/

Me and Chad

He’s one of the loveliest guys ever :)

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