Vicky in Little Britain is doing 4 things including…

be more confident

27 cheers


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Vicky has written 26 entries about this goal

I think

I’m pretty close to completing this goal :)


got to be confident in September ‘cause I chose to take Drama for one of my options.

God help me…

New hair!



feeling more positive now so here’s todays good things

-Finished my SATS! Yay!
-Wished Iveria a happy birthday
-Posted flyers for dog walking :)
-Saw Becky for the first time in two months
-Ran the relay :)
-Got my active girls jumper

-Had a nice night in
-Made Lauren feel better


I must admit, the thing I decided to do lasted for a real long time. :(

I found this

website and everyday on this goal i’m going to do Number 1. which is:

In order to achieve anything in life, it is important that you know your self worth. So maintain an awareness of all that you do for the world. Take a minute each day to remind yourself – or write down – what you’ve accomplished at work, in your love life, in social settings, at your office, with your finances, and so on. Realize what you are capable of doing and you will feel stronger and have more self-confidence.

So day 1:
- I think I did quite well in my first two maths SATS papers :)
- I didn’t get that worried about the maths test, which I think is my hardest subject

Oh god, this is harder than it sounds. Okay i’m done for today :p


might be pretty hard cause a girl I’m going to call AAH (for annoying as heck) is coming shopping with us and she always manages to make me feel self-concious.

Still pretty confident now :D

I am definetely more confident in Drama cause I got a 5a. So I no longer have the fear of doing really badly.


I am still confident. Yeah, some days I feel lousy but who doesn’t get that feeling every so often? But now whenever someone compliments me I don’t use it as a way to put myself down and say things like ‘No, i’m not pretty, i’m ugly’ or ‘No, he doesn’t like me’ sutff like that, you get the idea? Instead I just say ‘Oh, thanks :) (If i’m on MSN then I put :) but obviously I don’t when I’m talking :P). It’s a great confidence boost and you may think it sounds big headed but actually saying stuff like ‘No i’m not’ is like you’re asking for more compliments because then they’ll reply with ‘Yes you are!!!’. Try it some time!

I'm gonna mark this one

as complete. I feel confident quite alot now :D but i’ll mark it that I want to do this again so I can still post.

Vicky has gotten 27 cheers on this goal.


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