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Stop bitching

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I'm trying

I’m really trying but it’s a hell of alot harder to stop than join in.

Has been

quite hard this week cause of a total bitch :D. Sorry but can’t help it. She’s been making stuff up about me and telling my old bestfriend to make her hate me. When me and Loren stopped talking it turns out it was all of Emmas fault anyway but Emma was being really nice and pretending to be best friends with me but now I’ve made up with Loren she’s giving me dirty looks, bitching about me and god knows what else. Anyway she’s a total prat who definetely isn’t worth wasting my breath on but she’s so freakin’ childish I just need too.

Wow just realised how bad this makes me sound but I gotta tell someone! Hope this doesn’t make any of you think differently about me :S

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