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Be a better friend


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In order of what I owe, I think

l. Call Carolyn and see if she wants to go for a walk.
2. E-mail Dana and tell her why I disappeared a year go.
3. E-mail Jody
4 Call Eddi cause I love her and want to talk to her and also so she knows that I did get her new phone number after she moved so we are not lost to each other.
5 Call Lorene and schedule lunch or something cause last time she invited me I couldn’t make it. She is a little boring and overly-ladylike, but I love her. I just need to think up funner things for us to do together.
6. Get together with Christine at Coffee Catz because she’s really nice and we were born in the same little town! That hardly anyone else has even heard of.
7. Write a note on the card I bought for Cheri telling her how much fun I had at her house two weeks ago and I’m sorry I had to leave so quickly and I really am crazed these days.
8. Make a date with Marsha soon! to go for a walk and have lunch at that wonderful restaurant in Sausalito, because I really like her and I think she does have a lot of emotional support to offer right now.
9. Do something with Sandy cause she always wants to get together. She’s not my favorite friend, but I am hers, and I don’t think I have ever been anyone’s favorite friend before.
10. Remember to treat my sisters with the same respect and consideration as I would show a friend. (Actually, with more respect and consideration because I don’t want to neglect them like I have all the people on this list.)
11. Similarly, continue to plan fun outings and get-togethers with my kids.
l2. Call Kathy L. and invite her up for a glass of wine.
13. Consider getting in touch with Guy and Phyllis because all my other friends in the neighborhood have moved away, which I still can’t believe, it makes me so sad.
l4. I think I’m good with Paula. She’s busy with work right now anyway. I just need to remember not to have negative energy the next time I do something with her, because she complained about that. Smile and be happy if it kills me!
l5. Call Linda. Stop and see her if I ever make a trip up north.
16. Give some definite consideration to visiting Diane and Jose in Mexico. Schedule it if it’s feasible, and if her health is okay.
17. Keep in touch with Jennifer for now and support her in her new career training.
18. Be sure to return Tracy’s phone calls even though she usually doesn’t know what she wants to talk about.
19. Have lunch with Leslie
20. Write, e-mail or call Matt and Stacey and the kids so they know how much I love them.
21. I wanted to save Ron for a friend because sometimes he still could make me happy but he got that new girlfriend I guess.
22. Forget about Kathy W. She’s banished because she and Rich were way too excited about telling Swansons about Ron dating Lana.
23. Don’t make any effort to get in touch with Carol Walker. She was a false friend and a betrayer and tried to hook up with my ex when he moved out.


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