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stop chewing the inside of my mouth


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I feel positive enough to say that I have not really chewed the inside of my mouth since April. Wow! Smoothness is soooo good! I’m telling you, behavior mod is the way to go. Pretend that you are the trainer of a really bad dog, (in this scenario, you get to be both trainer and bad dog, which is sort of fun,) and make up your mind that you will document your progress and focus on how great it will be to have smooth, heatlthy lips. Yummy! Soon, you will be aware of what it is that triggers it. For me, it was “reading” and “thinking”. So, well, that’s pretty much all the time.(!)
Time frame: 1 week of stop-n-go chewing, followed by a second week of much, much less chewing, 3rd week felt like I was winning, and now I just have to remain occasionally mindful of what my teeth are doing. 2 months chew free. I’m takin’ it off the list.

Finally Stopped.

It took (takes) a whole lot of resolve. I just promised self that I wanted heathy, un-furry feeling lips, no lines in my top lip, and stopped. Everytime I went to chew, I made sure I was aware of it and said, “NO!” to myself really loudly in my head. It took about 2 1/2 days (maybe less) to completely heal. I use lip balm, especially on my lower lip, constantly. Drinking water helps, too. Any hint of dryness and I am tempted to pick at it. Once I start picking I have to stop or I get carried away. I wouldn’t say I’ve kicked it just yet, but I am at a strong two weeks of no chewing. Hoo-ray!
I would say it’s willpower + behavior modification. Make sure you tell yourself “NO!” like a bad dog!!!! And then follow through and stop. No matter how many times you catch yourself, even if it’s in the same minute! Also, choose a busy day, not a day where you’re stuck indoors reading. If you’re out and about and busy, chances are you’ll have other things to concentrate on. I went to a concert two weeks ago and didn’t chew all day. That was my Day 2.
It feels really good to stop.

I am doing really, really bad at this.

Am not even aware that I’ve started it until it hurts and i realize I’m eating myself, mouth first. Ewwww! Maybe I’ll sleep in lip balm and lipstick tonight. Least I wake up lip less like that face transplant woman whose dog ate her mouth and nose. That’s all I can think of. I wonder if hypnotism would work?


This is so hard! And so painful! I feel like a complete moron, and I’m getting smoker’s lines above my upper lip and I’ve never smoked! I just want them really smooth and not sore anymore. I read in a book, (Stop Biting Your Nails, or something,) to put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it each time you catch yourself. I think I’ll try it. It worked fairly well for my nails and cuticles, although there is some room for improvement there as well, at least they aren’t bleeding like they were. Also, I’m trying to keep lip balm and lipstick on. I really hate this habit.


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