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My work is satisfying to me. That’s my new mantra.

Meaning could imply extrinsic worth. But I find this work meaningful to me. What’s more, it has more to do with my work rather than the work. I am proud of myself, whether or not I’m saving the world. I am doing my part.

Internet fast

I think meaning comes up when I focus. So, I will not do anything else online (except look up essential work info) until 11. I hope to have a big chunk of the important project done before my boss asks.

what's the motivation

Some jobs are money, some are career, some are a calling.

I feel if this job were just money, it would be easy for me to power through and be great at it, in a dispassionate way. But that’s not a fit.

It’s a career. So I want to be competent. I’m glad it’s that meaningful to me, but maybe I have wrapped my ego into it too much. I don’t want to rely on getting my satisfaction just from being good. Why? Because I like to learn, so there will be times I’m not good at new aspects of the job.

Maybe it is good to remember that I am getting paid, which means I am respected for my skill. I have to be pretty good.

I want to be more in touch with the everyday satisfaction in what I do AND try to do.

Meaning for me comes from focusing on the right tasks

I honestly kind of want to be a cog (which sounds un-ambitious, un-creative), but the redeeming part is that the bigger machine I contribute to is really worthwhile.

I think what I do can make a better product, so there’s meaning in it. But if I get carried away with details that don’t make a difference, I get frustrated.

How can I focus on only the important details and concepts?

Solutions!!!...Ask more questions about “good enough”, prioritize (especially in the morning), look at past success, pick one thing to be great at, follow your interests which are varied, ask for feedback before going more in depth, set deadlines for finishing a project, be accountable to yourself and others, accept that you don’t need to be the world expert, notice the progress you have made, trust yourself, explain it in lay terms, go for a quick walk, just do it, follow your instinct.



Still often lose track of the big picture. Just get into the habit of telling myself that my progress is too slow. Interesting.

I wonder if doing some volunteering would bring meaning.


Getting closer, I think….

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